[NR] Winter Storm WARNING now active

SBarrett barrett1 at cox.net
Sun Jan 30 14:11:50 PST 2011

Be aware this is NOT a winter weather WATCH, as you might expect. We are in a warning already, with conditions set to deteriorate rapidly beginning around 6 pm Monday evening.


This warning covers most of the major population centers of Oklahoma, including Lawton, OKC, Norman, Edmond, Stillwater, Enid and Tulsa, as well as all points east and northeast of these locales.

Buy food and batteries now, be prepared for massive work/school cancellations to be announced as early as tomorrow afternoon, and make arrangements for mass power outages.

With a few hours of freezing rain and high winds Monday night, it may be best for some in all-electric homes to arrange for crash space in gas-heated homes if possible.

With 8-14 inches of snow possible, and high winds causing drifts between 2-4 feet in height, travel will likely be near impossible until late Wednesday in some areas.

Please pass this on to other mailing lists,
stay safe, 
hope for a mere dusting, 
plan for a record-breaking blizzard.


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