[NR] Super Gauntlet Bowl Weekend

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If you plan on coming out to make gauntlets, you HAVE to let Jean Paul or myself 
know. We only have so many hammers. 

Again, if you are wanting to stainless gauntlets, you need to bring your own 
metal! You can order it online at http://www.mcmaster.com/ or try to find a 
supplier in Tulsa that has some in stock. 

~Ludewicus von Lichtenstein “Ludo”

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Super Gauntlet Bowl Weekend

When: February 5th  & 6th 

Where: Phoenix Arms & Armor          (HE Jean Paul, HE Gilyan, and Ludo’s house)
            Please email for address or directions.

What it is: Every Ansteorran needs a good pair of gauntlets, sometimes two 
pairs. We will be opening up the shop Super Bowl weekend for a special session 
of gauntlet making. We will be making our spring-steel clamshell style in either 

mild or stainless steel. 

What you need to do before coming: Let myself or HE Jean Paul know you are 
coming and when.  If everyone shows up Sunday afternoon we’ll never get done. 

What you need to bring:
    1. Yourself,      ready to work. It takes approximately 10-12 working hours 

finish      depending on skill (and endurance).
    2. A pair      of comfy leather gloves to sew into the gauntlets.
    3. Padding      to put between the gauntlets and the gloves. JP likes to cut 

oven mitts in      half, others like to use mouse pads. 

    4. Your      favorite drink. Pounding metal is hard work and you build up 

a      thirst.

Things you may need to bring:
1.      2 square ft of RA410 stainless steel. If you want stainless steel 
gauntlets, you’ll need to bring your own metal. It’s only $15 and you can buy it 

online at 

2.      Leather for the cuffs. If you don’t want to be limited to my selection 
or can get it cheaper you can bring your own hide. You’ll need an approximately 
18”x 10” piece.

~Ludewicus von Lichtenstein “Ludo”

P.S.      In case you’ve missed the shop rules and guidelines

A few handy shop tips:

Bring cash: As always we appreciate it when people can contribute to the shop 
funds. This allows us to keep things like rivets, polish, tape and other things 
in stock. JP and I try to keep all the necessary materials for armor on hand. We 

offer it to the populace at cost. If you those to bring your own beverages, you 
are welcome to use the fridge, just be sure to put your name on them or they 
will become shop property. Sometimes we like to get pizza if you don’t want to 
be left out bring a few bucks to chip in.

Dress to work: We have things on fire and power tools. Close toed shoes are 
highly recommended. We have gloves, safety glasses and earplugs to loan.

Help save our tools and you. If you don’t know how to use a tool, ask. We’ll be 
glad to show you how to use the tool. If you just don’t feel comfortable using a 

tool let us know and we’ll work around it.

Make dinner plans: Because of the long drive I’m trying to have extended hours. 
This means it overlaps dinner time. We have a nice big grill if people want to 
get together and grill out. It’s a ten minute drive to any place to eat and 
Mannford’s selection is limited.

It doesn’t have to go home but it can’t stay here. All personal items including 
works in progress have to go home with you at the end of the night. No 

Clean as you go: We normally have a full house and work space is a premium. 
Please try and keep the work areas free of clutter. If you leave before final 
clean up please make sure you clean up all your tools and supplies before you 
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