[NR] Decoration Banners Needed!

Castellana Donea castellana.donea at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 04:33:54 PST 2011

Greetings All!

The Shire of Emerald Keep is coordinating with House Patrin Or of the Barony of Weisenfeuer to decorate the large pavillion within the Ansteorran camp at Gulf Wars. We would love to include banners from the various shires, baronies, etc. around the Kingdom in this project. If your group would be interested in having your banner displayed,Please let me know as soon as possible so we can make arrangements. 
Castellana.donea at yahoo.com


Lady Castellana de Andalusia

known as Castellana Donea


Protogee' to Syr Burke Kyriell MacDonald

Rom Bara of House Patrin Or

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