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Mon Mar 21 12:52:27 PDT 2011

Greeting to everyone who performs or just does something
>From Duchess Willow de Wisp
At Castillan this year I will be sponsoring a combination Ladies Pavilion and Performing Area. We will be watching the fighting but also be giving the people who are going for the Castillan title a friendly place to perform or show their Non-Static  art form. 
This activity is separate from the title bard competition.  Non-static is an Art form that doest stay still. It is usually a performance but It could be a display of marshal art moves or a trained animal. The individuals who will be doing this will be coming to this area when they are free, but I would like the area to a friendly  place where performance are taking place on irregular bases. Some of the individuals will have never preformed in front  of people before. 
I need some performers to add excitement and  entertainment I will be offering largess to those performers who come and help me. I will be offering a necklace with glass beads and amber. I will also have cookie and chocolates for performances that please the company. 
As many of you know My Lord Duke Jonathan and Myself have been patrons of all performers for many years and many of you know we are free with our Largess and word fame. I believe that you will find this activity to be worth the travel.
Duchess Willow de Wisp

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