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The correct link seems to be http://medfair.baronyofnamron.org/

I hope that one works :) 


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Your link for more info does not seem to be working.

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Onto The Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra we do send greetings!

A savage and brutal Winter is finally coming to a close, and to celebrate the much anticipated arrival of a glorious and beloved Spring, we invite everyone to celebrate with us at the Norman Medieval Fair Friday through Sunday April 1-3 at Reaves Park in The Barony of Namron, aka Norman OK.

We shall be raising the Ansteorran Embassy upon the spacious lands in the northeast corner of the Fair and promise yet another weekend of merriment and festivity as we share The Dream with over 250,000 expected guests.

There shall be Fighting!  There shall be Music and Dancing!  There shall be wonderful exhibits of Arts & Sciences!  There shall be fun and Shenanigans in the Lanes!  And we wish you to be part of this most memorable Event!

For further information, please guide your magic mouse to www.medfair.baronyofnamron.org for further details.

And if you have any questions, concerns or request, you will find contact information for our Staff of Directors, each Director overseeing a specific aspect of the Embassy.  Or just contact Embassy Provost Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen.

We look forward to having you join us!

Baroness Adena Terricsdottir
Director of the Quill

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