[NR] [Northkeep] solutions to North Ansteorra problems

willowjonbardc at juno.com willowjonbardc at juno.com
Sun Mar 27 19:22:40 PDT 2011

We had a meeting and came up with the name and the sun at the bottom. and we started calling ourselves that. Just like the "The Outlands" started calling it self that. When they first came of with the Paperwork to get that name they were told "no". what is their official name now. Once you are a social entity then you can work the paperwork and rules out. 
My points it doesn't matter what we call ourselves we have a concept of self and we need to start showing it. If not with a name then a colored ribbon. I would like a King of Ansteorra to look out over his people and see how many of them come From the North. 
By the way I was part of the group that came up with the regions concepts. At that time we were tired of people trying to split Ansteorra into two groups with the steppes and Elfsea going with the North. This wasn't fair because the groups around metropolises of TX have different needs and think different. 
So we came up with the North, South, East and West and Central. Will the East did not go and the today's south didn't want to be with stargate so that was split Coastal and South.  Part of the reason for doing this was to relieve some of the stresses which were causing the kingdom to break apart. Part of it was to stop those people South of Dallas and Ft.worth from thinking that if they got to Steppes and Elfsea that they had gotten North.  
Also since this was a administrative decision the people in the area had not control over it and it could be used to control the efforts to split the kingdom up. At that time it looked like all the kingdoms were going to keep on splitting.
I guess you noticed that the ends and outs of getting a name is going to bog  everything down. I really don't think we can have a name until a crown allows it and that would mean recognizing us as a indepentant region. It was set up this way to do just this.  I know this because I was part of the communitee that came up with it and if you don't know then the crown chose not to tell you. 
We must function as a region before we get to be an region. At that time I believe whatever we are calling ourselves will have to be changed. 
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