[NR] [Northkeep] solutions to North Ansteorra problems

Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich pookyloves at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 00:30:17 PDT 2011

Beloved Prime Queen of Anstaorra,

"Where is the central spot in North Ansteorra?"
Fredrick, Oklahoma. 34.32333333333 / -99.120428

I spent over an hour pin-Pin-PIN pointing the six corners of our
Region Latitudinal and Longitudinally. I had some fun cartographically
comparing the Ansteorran map I found at www (dot)
and compared that to a long/lat finder website. I make the 6 corners
of the Newest~North to be:

32,-103.064568 (remember the world gets bulgy in the middle)

The average of these points' long and lats equals 34.32333333333 /
-99.120428 or slightly southwest of Fredrick.but still in their

"How far is it from one end to another?"
>From NW to SE the distance is 901.4 Kilometers = 560.1039926827328
Miles. The center point on the journey is 35°19′57″N, 098°25′23″E

>From NE to SW (or versa visa) the distance is 742.9 Kilometers =
461.61665871311544 Miles. The center point on the journey is
34°31′46″N, 097°23′23″E

"What are our furthest groups?"
The Ansteorran map shows a Crossroads Keep but their website says they
are presently hibernating.

"Does west north Ansteorra have red dirt?"
I happen to know Honorable Lord Owen Stott of Namron is the SCAdian
living closest to the North West corner (37,-103) of Ansteorra.
psst... Hey Owen is the dirt red?

K ~ hour 45 min nighnigh.


Every moment within the SCA is a precious gift. A precious gift
wherein we might create the memories of every lifetime. Every lifetime
of happiness and joyful memories is The~Dream!

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