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i was ask off list what my thoughts were on this subject,and since only 2 people have responded, i figured wha ta hey.
so below , only slightly edited is my reply : )

 actually I expected a much bigger response from people as much traffic as the " mordor " suggestion created.
I'm at least trying to get people to " think " about the region, and its people, not the geography, or weather, or stellar points of interest.

to be honest I hadn't included the people ( which I should have I guess) because I know and have known some wonderful people in many places.
to me it is many small things , that add up to the larger things. I don't say that the below never happens anywhere else, I just hear the like more often in the north.

you are more likely to hear " I can't do that it's dishonorable "
we make a big deal out of newcomers , and though there are still people that fall through the cracks, we try to make everyone feel welcome.
we maintain a sense of " mine " while doing anything ( a&s , events, service, etc ) , as in , everyone claiming castellan , if something goes wrong,everyone takes it personally , they don't blame it on the region, or the kingdom, and everyone works to make sure its a success .
people are more open and personable in the region, you go south, people shake hands, up here events are often hug fests, with people hugging someone , or patting backs , from the time they hit gate till they leave.
if your not recognized  at feast people will almost always offer you table space , so that they get to know you, and you feel welcome.
if your not recognized at the event , people will normally stop and chat with you , to see if you need anything , 
( directions to activities,feast,camp help , privies, etc. )
we actually do " family " type things , grub and garb / revels , ( ok , no successful revels lately ) archery and fighter practices are more like social gatherings than martial practices.
and friends always take a few min. out of their busy schedules to stop and chat with the people they haven't gotten to see in a while.

so I guess in closing , we are actually like one large extended family, we don't always get along with every family member, we don't always approve of what some relative is doing / has done, and were always finding and losing distant cousins.
but were not about to let the neighbors see our dirty laundry ; )

which would boil down to the northern region acts and feels more like an extended family than a corporation.

given time I could probably think of more, but those were topmost in my head today ; )
gotta go to work 

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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