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Lori C. countesskat at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 31 11:12:14 PDT 2011

> Arthur Blackmoon asked:
> why / how is the northern region of ansteorra different from any 
> other place in the known world ??
> why should anyone want to stay here ? or move here ?

Since you've had so few answers... 

I'm staying away from the political angle because, well, our region is capable of the same kinds of amazing, cool, and/or stupid & hurtful politics as the rest of the Kingdom... Actually, the rest of Known Worlde. 

I don't really think we have any better or worse people than other places either. There are obviously some really great people here at home, but I've also met some pretty awesome folk from other places. Folk who are just as caring, compassionate, fun-loving, etc. as we pride ourselves on being. 

Really, if I had to pick One Thing unique to us... I'd have to say

We have really Good barbeque.

No, really. :) If you've eaten barbeque in any other states I'm sure you have to agree with me. 

I may have to go look up what's French for "very tasty cow"...

And now you guys can go back to being way too serious...

~ Kat M.  >^.,.^<

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