[NR] Help Wanted: Northern Regional Chronicler

Reis ap Tuder reis at hailmog.org
Wed May 25 14:40:26 PDT 2011


Just wanted to remind everyone that the position of Northern Regional
Chronicler is open for applications, and indeed, Kingdom would like to
close applications in the next week and make a decision if possible.
And frankly, I've done my two years and have a kingdom office to deal
with and would like to be replaced now please. :)

The job is straightforward and requires little travel.  It involves
making sure that groups that are required to produce newsletters or
have otherwise committed to doing so do get the newsletters out in
accordance with society and kingdom policy, as well as appointing
branch chroniclers when needed and making sure that their memberships
are kept up and so forth.  It may also involve teaching a chronicler's
warranting class once in a while to provide opportunity for the
Northern branch chroniclers to attend one; I did one at Castellan and
I think it took about 45 minutes tops.

Please, please, apply now if you're interested. :)  The Kingdom
Chronicler's contact information is in the front cover of the Black

I would appreciate this message getting forwarded to the lists for the
various Northern groups.  Thanks!

HL Reis ap Tuder
Lame Duck Northern Regional Chronicler

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