[NR] renn german folding chair

James Anderson rapier1 at swbell.net
Mon Sep 5 23:12:51 PDT 2011

Greeting Unto Th Great Kingdom of Ansteorra

I am wanting to see if anyone has a copy of the 16th century german folding 
chair. I checked my bookmarks but it seams the site i had no longer works. So if 
anyone has a copy or pdf or a web site that has it, please let me know I have no 
problem paying for a copy.

To Live With Out Honor Is To Not Have Lived At All

Ehrenwerten Herr Achilles von Hutten, CIM
Holder of the Sable Thistle for Costuming
Holder of the Queen’s Rapier of Ansteorra
The Great Shire of Adlersrhue
The Great Northern Region
The Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra

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