[NR] Battle of Three Kings - Nov 4-6

Wes Hanna kainintepesa at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 13 08:41:10 PDT 2011

Unto the mighty warriors, dedicated workers, and talented artisans and bards of the great Northern Region of Ansteorra, do I, Hugh de Revel, Grand Master of the Order of the Hospitallers send greetings.

Brothers and sisters, I am in dire need of your service, and even in the Holy Lands have I heard of the might of your people. Here in Acre, my order is facing an urgent and most regrettable situation. The other orders, Templar and Teutonic, have been vying for control of this stronghold, and I fear that the conflict is nearing a flashpoint. The Hospitallers have always been more peaceably minded, our first goal tending to the sick and poor, but if we do not gain supporters in this struggle, I fear that we may be expelled from Acre to abandon the good works that we do there.

So I beseech you, travel to Acre on the 4th day of November and join our side in the Battle of Three Kings. We need warriors, archers, siege crews, artisans, bards and support staff to help ensure that the Hospitallers emerge victorious in the struggle for dominance in Acre, and therefore all of the Holy Land. I hope that this conflict can be resolved peacefully, but should it come to war, I want the most famed heroes in the Kingdom of Heroes at my back.

If you would join with us, please send word to our quartermaster ( http://goodguyswearblack.info/ ) so that we can be sure to equip you with the ensign of our order that all may know the might of the North is with the Hospitallers.

In your debt,
Hugh de Revel
Grand Master of the Hospital

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