[NR] Activity for those of age 13-17 at Protectorate

Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich pookyloves at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 13:06:28 PDT 2011

Would the Event Stewards of Protectorate please contact me off-list?

{If that conversation goes in accordance with Pooky Prophecy, then:}

Greetings unto the Youths and Minors of Namron and her young Sister lands
Our right wonderful Lord Kiernan Ashta ~ Minister of Children of the Barony
of Namron has proposed I run Namron's First Annual Premier Qubb / Viking
Chess Tournament at Protectorate for those whom are the age 13-17.

I have agreed and am honored for the opportunity to do so.

I am gonna try to cut the tops off my 10 foot fence and make Qubb sets
before Protectorate.

Here are the rules of Qubb and how to play:

if anyone is familiar with or has played the game before, please contact
your beloved Pooky because this'll be my first time to throw wood. Your help
and tutelage would be greatly appreciated.

Respect and Loving Gratitude,

Post Scriptum: The winner of the tournament will receive their own Qubb set,
YaY new traditions!

"Love's lifelight dispels all shadows upon the path grown over with truth."
~ Pooky

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