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*As I lay dreaming in my bunk, nightmares of that fateful night off
Caracas when the 'Iron Lotus' was lost haunting my foggy memory, the
slow and steady pounding of a drum stirred my slumber...
*THUMP........THUMP.........THUMP*. Like the heartbeat of the sea
herself, beckoning for me to surrender to her cold and loveless
embrace along with my ship as she sinks beneath the waves. Another
crack of thunder and flash of lightning...*


*My eyes snapped open as I struggled to make sense of where I was... I
was last on the quarterdeck of a doomed ship as she was breathing her
last creaking sigh. No, no... that was more'n three years ago. I'd
been lost at sea for three years, now I was somehow back aboard my old
ship, the 'Black Lotus', once called the 'Mary Anne'. The drumbeat
echoing in my head... no, not drums, the heavy footfalls of a drummer,
could it be?*

"Ahay! MacNamara!"

*The ship rocked against her mooring, as if to bodily spill me from my
bunk now, telling me in her own way it was time to rise as a chill hit
my spine... That voice, so familiar. I grabbed my rum and made for the
quarterdeck, still groggy from restless sleep. Moonlight spilled onto
the deck as I opened my cabin door. Taking pause to gaze upon the moon
and stars above me, I listened for that familiar and loving voice yet

"MacNamara, you old salt! Be a good Captain and invite Your old
drummer on board for a regaling story and a thimble of rum."

*Again I pause... for fear of losing even this memory, surely I must
still dream. I started to return to my cabin, thinking only for more
slumber... No, bewildered as I am, that voice is real enough. My old
friend and foe, an Admiral of the Ansteorran Royal Navy, and the very
heartbeat of the sea echoed in every beat of his drum. Turning about
once more, I beckoned from the rail,*

Welcome aboard, old friend...

In Service,
Lord Duncan MacNamara
Captain of the 'Black Lotus'
Pyrate Lord of Northern Ansteorra
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