[NR] Fort Project at Will Rogers Scout Camp

Cody Chezem bolverk187 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 15 09:48:04 PST 2012


Some of you may know, but for those hearing of this for the first time, for the 
last several months we here in Northkeep have been working on a fort project to 
be built at the Will Rogers Scout Camp. It was I who brought the initial 
proposal to Baron, Baroness and the Offices of the Barony of Northkeep. It was 
approved by them and with their permission I sent a formal proposal to the 
Cimmaron Council, which in turn was approved by them.

The materials being used are privacy fence panels that are prefabricated and 
commonly found at building supply stores. These will be reinforced to with stand 
the rigors of armored combat and Boy Scouts. The fort, when complete, will be 
64' X 64' with 6 1/2' crenelated walls. There will be a 12' wide main gate and 
two 4' wide sallie gates. The crenelations will be  approximately 2' wide and 
18" deep in the wall and spaced approximately 2' apart along the walls.

The Barony of Northkeep is funding all of the poles, main gate and the first 2 
1/4 wall section on either side of the main gate. This leaves 26 wall sections 
that any individual or group can provide the funds for. For this donation the 
wall section materials will purchased, assembled and installed. Also a plaque 
will be added to the inside of that wall section that will read; "This portion 
of this fort was made possible by: (Name or Group)". If you wish to participate 
in this project the cost will be $60.00. This is for all of the materials needed 
to assemble a wall section.

The first step to become part of this project is to send me an email letting me 
know you intend to donate funds for a section. Send this to 
bolverk187 at yahoo.com. You will be put on the list in the order received. You 
will then  have two weeks in which to get the funds to me. A check or money 
order is the preferred method of payment. Once received, I will send an email to 
has a receipt. Please place in the memo section Fort Project. Should I not 
receive the funds in the allotted time you will be taken off the list and the 
first person on the waiting list will take your place. Assuming there is a 
waiting list.

You may send payment to:
Cody Chezem
4215 W 1st St
Tulsa, OK 74127

I am happy to report that as of now all of the poles have all been set and the 
assembly process of Northkeep's wall sections and gate have begun. They will be 
installed when complete.

Please note this is a donation to the Scout Camp. The fort will be the property 
of the camp when done and be one more feature available to those the use the 
site for events.

Please pass this on to any list you feel appropriate.

Centurion Thorvald Egilsson
Squire to Angus MacKnochard,  Bagadure

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