[NR] VFW hall help

Kenneth Smith ulfarnfinnson at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 18 06:37:12 PST 2012

They are in need of our help.  It seems that they are in a low cash flow situation and closing the hall is becoming a real but bad option for them.  They use to have Bingo bringing in some money to pay the bills but it is not what it use to be and now they are having trouble with the operator of it.  They have probably enough money to keep the hall open for about 20 months and then they will have to shut it down completely.  They did not come to me about money and do not necessarily want donations from our members, although they do take them.  What they want is ideas.  Their members are brainstorming on ideas on how to make money for the hall.  They have asked us since we use the hall for our practice if our members might have any ideas.  Besides the obvious ones like holding shows or concerts there they would like others.  The other problem they have is execution of these endeavors.  For they have had shows in the past but have lost money on
 them because of lack of expertise on these things and volunteers to help with them.  Hate to say this they are a dying breed.  They have had a big drop in membership over the years.  So I am throwing this out there not just for us but a whole group of veterans who need our help.  If you have thoughts on how to raise sustainable funds or the expertise to help with getting these kinda things off the ground please let me know.  Its not about us loosing a site to practice at because we can go anywhere.   Its about history of that building.  Its about giving back to those who have given so much for all of us.  They will be having a brainstorming meeting on Feb. 4 at the hall starting at 10:00am and we have been invited.  But you can always send your thoughts and ideas to me to pass along as well.  They know we have many members that might have some great ideas and would like to tape into that knowlege.  Thanks for your time.    
Sir Ulf Arnfinnson CSS LXXIX

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