[NR] Wiesenfeuer Yule-Baronial A&S Champion Competition-(Theme-Something not documentable as 'period', but makes the SCA better)

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I believe that in the History of William Marshal (Historie de Guillame Marshall), there is a reference to a belt of bezants that he wore in honor of his destrier, Bezant, which earned its fame in many a tournament and battle.  The animal was sold to a nobleman in Britanny? for stud, and legend has it that its descendants are still around.  This was during the time of Henry and Eleanor, Richard the Lionheart, and the evil King John, all of whom William served.


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Subject: [NR] Wiesenfeuer Yule-Baronial A&S Champion Competition-(Theme-Something not documentable as 'period', but makes the SCA better)
Date: Thu, Oct 18, 2012 11:32 am

Wiesenfeuer A&S Competition Information
This year’s theme for our Baronial Champion A&S Competition will be: Non-period creations that make the SCA better.  (What does that mean?  It is something that looks like it would fit in the Middle Ages, but either due to construction or lack of documentation availability, it wasn’t.)  
Examples: some of our versions of Coronets/Crowns, various forms of scrolls, our version of dance swords/tassel/coin belts (if you can find documentation on this, please share with me! Lol), camping chairs/covers/etc, jewelry, camping stuff that looks ‘periodish’ but is definitely modern, complicated needlework/embroidery that is done with a machine, chivalric sword hilts/decoration, etc.  I hope that gives you enough direction.  Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you are unsure if what you have fits (if in doubt, bring it anyways!)
As done last year, we will select our champion (based on presentation, creativity, cleanliness of project, following theme, and overall feel we have regarding the piece) and there will be no judging forms (unless you specifically request it).  If you are seeking judge feedback due to plans for Kingdom or other competitions, please mark it on your information card that you leave with your item and a person appropriate to judge your piece will be found to discuss findings/observations with you.
Obviously, documentation is not expected for this competition, but…if it is a tie between two people and one person brings documentation to show what their item is based off of, then it will cause a shift in their favor.
I hope to see many fun and awesome things at Wiesenfeuer Yule’s A&S competition December 1st.  
Will be updating the website this weekend http://wiesenfeuer.ansteorra.org/yule.html 
Kajira Camber
Baroness and Webminister of Wiesenfeuer
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