[NR] AxemanVIII Gate Request

Kathleen Owen keziah.davis at cox.net
Sun Oct 28 20:51:49 PDT 2012

Greetings Skorragardr and Namron,


Here's the latest shift list for Axeman VIII.


The shifts are below, each shift needs two people, just email me with the
shift you'd like and I'll update the list as they fill up and resend it out
to the list so people can see what shifts are still open. 



5pm - 7pm: Thomas O'Ronan, Ld Galiwyn


7pm - 9pm: Thomas O'Ronan, Ld Galiwyn


9pm - 11pm: HE Carerina, Ldy Margheritta


11pm - 1am: Beatriz, Soifra, HE Olando



6am - 8am: Ld Aonghas, Saerlaith


8am - 10am:


10am - 12pm:


12pm - 2pm:


2pm - 4pm: Ldy Kathleen, Ldy Sibylla

I look forward to seeing old friends, and hopefully some new ones, at gate
this year. 


Yours in Service,


Kathleen Davis McReynald

Keziah.davis at cox.net


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