[NR] Children's Activities at Med Faire!!!!!

Ithilin Palandiriel ithilinpalandriel at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 21:25:46 PST 2013

Greetings all,

I am so excited about the Children's Activities at Med Faire this year!!!!! We are going to be doing some totally AWESOME things for all the smalls.  To make that happen though, I will need some willing volunteers and some donations.  Here is a list of some of the activities I am planning, please let me know if you can help out in any way, no matter how small:

A Quest for the Baroness' Bells
    Her Excellency has lost some of the bells from her favorite dancing skirt, search around embassy to find them.
    I will need 4-5 volunteers to be bell keepers
    Supplies needed: small jingle bells, ribbon and largess
tongue depressor catapults (kids had a blast making these last year)
   I need 1-2 volunteers to run this if possible
    Supplies needed: tongue depressors, regular rubber bands, and marshmallows
    these are super easy to make and the kids get to take home a toy.
Mini Siege
    I'll need 2-3 volunteers to help control the chaos (yes you can play too)
    Supplies needed:  lots of paper boxes(enough for 2-3 forts) 3-4 exercise bands, fabric tubes cut into 24" lengths.  Foam balls are already supplied.
    1-2 volunteers who would like to sit and tell stories to the children
Puppet show
  I need 2-3 volunteers to put on a puppet show
    Supplies: puppet stage, puppets
Mini Haffla and Courtly dancing
    I need 1-2 volunteers to teach basic steps for middle eastern dance as well as some fun court dances
   Supplies: Music, jingle scarves
Scribal Arts
    1-2 volunteers to give basics in illumination
    Supplies: stencils, paper.  Pencils and markers are already supplied.
Fill the Gap Kumihimo Bookmarks
    1-2 volunteers to teach this simple craft
    I have some foam fill the gap wheels and some floss but more would be welcomed
 1-2 people to teach various outdoor and board games
    Supplies : none  I have most of the games given out at Yule to work with.
Bardic class
 1-2 volunteers to teach some of the bardic arts
Youth Chivalric?
need a youth Marshall or 2 for this
Supplies: loaner gear and weapons
    This is for our own smalls to be helpful at the embassy.  
    I need 1-2 adult volunteers to coordinate placement of pages with those who need their assistance.  Shift hours to be determined by job.
Let me know what you are interested in and when you are available to work and I will make up a schedule and post it as soon as I can.  If you have some other ideas on how we can showcase our children and what we have for them to do please let me know and we'll see if it will fit in the schedule.  If all you can do is donate supplies, bless you! and thank you!  Email me at ithilinpalandriel at yahoo.com and we'll make arrangements to get those picked up.
To everyone who helps in any way, my undying thanks and gratitude.
In service to the children of the Dream
Ly Liadan of Patrin-Or
Wiesenfeuer MoC
Med Faire Children's Activities Coordinator

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