[NR] Documentation of skills or knowledge for new website

kajira camber kajiracamber at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 10:49:48 PST 2013

I have been seeking information from newcomers about what is hard to find
or missing from websites that newcomers and members of the SCA need/want to
improve/help their SCA experience and I am re-making our new Baronial
website focused on these needs.

A part of that, I need help on...hence this call...

doesn't fit into those categories)...A PLEA!!!  :)

On the new Wiesenfeuer website, I am making a series of pages called
'crafter's corner', which will have pages like 'brewers bar', 'scribal
seat', 'leatherworker's lounge', 'potterer's patio', 'armorer's armory',
'bardic breakroom', etc...

I would like each of these areas to have articles, papers, videos,
podcasts, pictures, or whatever to how to do things regarding that

This would be useful to both the newcomers, who would like to see what all
there is to do and how to do it, all the way to the long term player, who
is wanting to try their hand at something new!

Please send me anything and everything! (or links to other stuff that may
already be out there...I will hit them up for permission to cross post).

If your group would like to link our newcomer and SCA FYIs/FAQs/Education
pages to your site, feel free to (as long as that doesn't break some
unknown rule...) I am making this for everyone to use if needed!  We all
have newcomers :)

(please send topics to me directly at kajiracamber at gmail.com    I don't
want to miss submissions and sometimes the Kingdom thread is just tooo long
to even scroll down the topics! :) )

Kajira Camber
Baroness and Webminister of Wiesenfeuer

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