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I do have to say that going to the revel and being able to use it as a
'decompression' is really a nice thing.  We don't typically wear garb, it
is more of a 'we made it!' type get together where everyone that helped can
bond, relax, and just have some fun.  I worry that if it turns into an
extension of the fair or a 'mini-event' that it will cause a smaller
turnout due to expectations...

But it isn't my Barony, only my observation as an attendee and close cousin

On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 3:04 PM, Epperson, Sheryl <eppersos at oge.com> wrote:

> Your Grace,
> Thank you for the suggestions, they are the type of thing we are needing.
>  We do have several rooms at the revel site, and can certainly set up areas
> for conversation, bardic, dancing, etc.  I appreciate the offer of the wall
> hangings, and will let you know if we need them.  We may, for this time,
> just take fabric and drape the walls to cover things.
> We are actually planning on not having the new people from the fair at
> this revel, so that we can relax and visit with each other.  There will be
> activities planned later for the newcomers to attend and get to know us.
> Annabelle
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> I would like a fete like we use to have at the loft. It might be nice to
> decorate one part and have sca activity going on. I can send wall hangings
> if that would help. Candlelight and such if possible. Medieval dancing and
> some interludes, you know skits. It would be fun if someone started some
> persona play. ( persona- the act of behaving like the Kingdom and Barony
> and all the people in our groups are in a medieval setting.) Singing and
> such would be nice. the Baron could call for stories of the Barony and we
> could tell the tales of the Ravens. The Baron could call on his bards to
> entertain and after a while he could move on. If you could get some of the
> great dancers to do 5 min performances that would be great. Something to
> showcase their talents.
> If we have the decorations and the candlelight and the medieval
> entertainment and people playing their roles that should produce enough
> Magic to enchant people.
> I do believe you should also have another area where people could sit and
> talk and not worry about being medieval. Another area with gaming would be
> nice. This way we have something for the new people to do and watch. We
> have the Magic to make their heart sing and we have gaming for people who
> find it hard to talk to others and we have a place for people to sit and
> talk to their friends. It is a little bit of everything.
> This is the form the loft parties used to take and I really enjoyed them.
> Willow de Wisp
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