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It changed to being partly a decompression partly when the fair went to 3 days.  After 2 days of talking to people, after 1-2 days of setting up, with another day of talking and then tear-down to go, most of us just want to relax.

However, I do prefer for it to be an in-garb (mostly) SCA revel, rather than just a bunch of SCA people having a get-together.  But, as long as people show up, garb or not is fine.

So far, the main things I have noticed requested is bardic, both songs and stories, and room for people to sit and talk.  Since there are several rooms available, we can have both!  If there are any other request, let me know and we will try to arrange it.


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Actually, the way the revel is used has changed over the course of the years.  
It started as a place we could bring interested people immediately and was in persona and garb for the most part.  Somewhere, in the years I was away, it changed to a decompression after party.  

AEla, just making an observation.

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