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<< Is
 their already a siege weapon unit existing in Northkeep?
Heilsa Volstarr,
    To the best of my knowledge, the Barony has two siege engines ready for 
combat. Both were manufactured by Ld. Carlyle du Trois. One is a ballista
which he placed at my disposal and the other is a trebuchet that I believe he
will oversee. I'm looking forward to seeing both fielded at Battle of Three
After last years Gulf Wars, my lady and I proposed to our landed cousins that
each Barony should provide a ballista and crew for the upcoming War. This
generated a lukewarm response, however, our memories of their 
effectiveness spurred us on. If you care to provide another seige weapon, by
all means please do so. The more, the merrier. :-)

                         Ves Heill,

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