NK - Greetings to the Barony

Talen von Marienburg talen at microtutors.com
Thu Nov 12 08:27:16 PST 1998

Greetings to all on this list.  I apologize for being scarce since our
recent move.  I hope this will change in the next month or so as we get
further unpacked and settled in.

A few notes.  First, I am currently working the "graveyard" shift, so I
haven't figured how to fit fighter practice into my screwed up sleep
schedule.  I'm normally already asleep by now (10:20 a.m.), but had auto
service to take care of.  But I intend to start coming out soon (gotta
unpack the armor sometime <BG>).

Second, due to my current work schedule I will not be able to attend Three
Kings.  I do hope (and expect) the Barony to show the rest of the kingdom
why they have held the King's Battle Ribbon since it's inception.

Third, also due to work I do not expect to be able to attend Gulf Wars this
next year.  I will not have the vacation time accrued.  I do not yet know if
Treschen will be able to go.  I will try to help whenever I can in the
melees as the Barony prepares to once again vie for the Battle Ribbon.

Finally, Treschen and I will try to attend the next Populace meeting.  We
hope to see everyone there.

Centurion Talen Gustaf von Marienburg
talen at microtutors.com

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