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ShipMaria at aol.com ShipMaria at aol.com
Sun Nov 22 17:47:51 PST 1998

Sunday night, KOTV had the boss come on and inform us that they (KOTV and the
station owners) has decided that the contents of 60 Minutes was not
appropriate. I have a real problem with being told what I can and can not
watch. This is the letter I sent. I know this has nothing to do with the SCA,
but it does have to do with Tulsans.... flog me if you must, but consider
writing a letter to KOTV at doldham at kotv.com on your was to get your whips :)


>>I can NOT believe KOTV took it upon themselves to decide what I can and can
not watch on Sunday night. If I didn't want to see 60 minutes in full, I'm
very capable of changing the channel BY MYSELF, Thank you. 

I intend to send a petition to other anticensorship activists in Tulsa and
then forward it to KOTV advertisers. 

I don't think we can sit around and let KOTV decide that we're not adult
enough to see what the rest of the country is watching.

Sarah Harmon
Tulsa, Oklahoma<<

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