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Tue Nov 24 14:24:11 PST 1998

I appologize that some of you will get this twice.

Greetings,  I am doing a paper for Medieval Civilizations 300-1300.  I
understand a primary source is a firsthand account of what happened,
while a secondary resource is a secondhand account of what happened. 
My Question is this:  The information in the book, "Opera Mulebria
Women And Work In Medieval Europe" appears as Notes at the end of each
chapter Eg; #73."On fabrics, Especially Silk, in the Byzantine empire,
see the classic Study by Lopez, 1945."  #78. "ASS I Julii, p. 60:
'...transiens secus locum, qui Cedrius vulgo dictur, ubi prostibula
meretricum erant...'."
I ASSUME the first is a secondary resource.  If she reffered back to a
document in antiquity it would still be a secondary resource wouldn't
it?  Following this logic is the second a PRIMARY resource?
Learning to hate college,
Vanessa Goins A.K.A SCA Ly. Isabela del bosque 
from the Barony of Northkeep, Ansteorra

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