NK - Honor and Greetings

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Mon Nov 16 22:00:20 PST 1998

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Date: Monday, November 16, 1998 9:41 AM
Subject: NK - Honor and Greetings

>Hajimimashite Doozoyorishiku
>I am Iyesu Takeda, Shogun of the Clan of the Ivory Dragon and Hanshi of the
>Wind and Paper School of Kenjutsu.  I bid you Honor and greetings.
>Mundanely speaking I am Brannon Bain.  I am Director of IS for Safety
>Training Systems.  I am also a partner and instructor at Martial Arts
>America in Jenks where I teach Kenpo, Combat Kendo, Weapons, and
>Traditional Bujutsu.
>Well, that is all for now but I look forward to getting to know each of you
>in the future.
>With Honor,
>Takeda Iyesu Hanshi
>Shogun of the Clan of the Ivory Dragon
>Hanshi of Kazeaukami Ryu Kenjutsu

all this having been said I guess I will ask the Important Question



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