NK - Honor and Greetings

Brannon L. Bain bbain at galstar.com
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Lord Angus,

In answer to your question I have not yet taken the field of battle but am 
making preparations to do so.  I look forward to unleashing my dotanuki 
battle sword on our enemies.  I will also slay my enemies with the Rapier, 
the Bow, and the Ballista.  I will demoralize him with songs of our heroes 
and displays of our Science.  A true warrior must use everything at hand 
and know all the Ways, for one Way alone does not achieve a great enough 

May the path before you be filled with powerful enemies and the path behind 
you testify to you might.

With Honor,
Takeda Iyesu Hanshi
Shogun of the Clan of the Ivory Dragon
Hanshi of Kazeaukami Ryu Kenjutsu

"As Paper on Wind
Swirling with unseen purpose
The Blade Whispers Death"

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>Hajimimashite Doozoyorishiku
>I am Iyesu Takeda, Shogun of the Clan of the Ivory Dragon and Hanshi of 
>Wind and Paper School of Kenjutsu.  I bid you Honor and greetings.

all this having been said I guess I will ask the Important Question



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