NK - Honor and Greetings

Brannon L. Bain bbain at galstar.com
Wed Nov 18 06:21:10 PST 1998

I am a master of the Dance of the True Sword, a traditional dance of the 
warrior poet.  Aside from that I do not dance in any fashion that you would 
want people to see, unless you are trying to confuse them.

With Honor,
Takeda Iyesu Hanshi
Shogun of the Clan of the Ivory Dragon
Hanshi of Kazeaukami Ryu Kenjutsu

"As Paper On Wind
Swirling With Unseen Purpose
The Blade Whispers Death"

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Takeda Iyesu Hanshi wrote:
>A true warrior must use everything at hand
>and know all the Ways, for one Way alone does not achieve a great enough

The true question is:  Do you dance?


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