NK - Honor and Greetings

Brannon L. Bain bbain at galstar.com
Wed Nov 18 12:32:04 PST 1998

Lord Merrik,

Perhaps if we all sing loudly and badly enough our enemies will yield the 
field to us simply to get us to be silent.  This may be a violation of "Ye 
Olde Geneva Convention" but "Never confuse Honor with Tactics".

With Honor,
Takeda Iyesu Hanshi
Shogun of the Clan of the Ivory Dragon
Hanshi of Kazeaukami Ryu Kenjutsu

"As Paper On Wind
Swirling With Unseen Purpose
The Blade Whispers Death"

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>I strongly recommend that next time you take the field you sing to you
>enemy of your mighty deeds.  Once a man's spirit is defeated or off 

We are much better at just ridiculing them......

>We was cruising along just fine till we got to the singing part.
>Right  Viltar Hare???

And all this time I thought the sound of sucking air through our mouths to
breath counted as singing...

(who can't carry a tune, even in a bucket with a lid)

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