NK - 3Kings and such

Nathan W. Jones njones at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 18 21:16:16 PST 1998

Merrik wrote:
>FORGOT the most important thing, BAD BARDS, 
>we all tell stories and such, so
>we must all be a bit of a bard, but Angus taught 
>me that if a bard INSISTS
>on everyone else stopping what they are doing to 
>sit and pay homage, then we
>roast them, then we drink their liquor...

Oh...well that's entirely different.  I learned years ago by Ragnar
Ulfgarson, that if an entertainer can't capture the attention of the
audience, then he should learn from that instead of being offended.

Choosing the correct moment...or even "moment" to do a piece is part of
what makes one a good bard.  Better to give a good performance to two
people than to have take over a camp and have "hostage dinner theater."

Were I there, I probably wouldn't voted to toast the freak.  :)

>By the way, I really liked your recipes....

Thanks!  Still working on the documentation.


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