NK - Saturday At The Park

Angus angus at okom.net
Tue Nov 24 21:50:53 PST 1998

sigen writ.....>
>If I can drag my ratty butt out of bed I'll be there too, 

RATTY BUTT I gotta ask  do you got more than 1 butt

you remember I have several types of a certian appendage
but I aint figured out how to change out butts        yet

>Hey Angus,  If you really really want hay bales, I might
>consider going and getting some on Friday if you ask
>realll  nice :)

 I am doing nothing Friday that I know of except watching the kids

I could help you
I don't want any body to spend money on this thing
I am sure we can come up with a cheep/ free way to do it

any ideas anybody


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