NK - Saturday At The Park

Merrik Viltar Har Marrock at email.msn.com
Wed Nov 25 12:29:42 PST 1998

set up a maze....
put a blindfold over your helmet...
crawl around on your hands and knees..
kill someone IF you can find them.

Over simplified, but this is the idea. Have heard they are tons of fun.

Where do we get the hay bales from? I bet someone picks them up....

You and your newbie fighter husband should both join us. We can start on our
feet, and whether or not he sapps is up to him.

Knight Marshal

>I think my step-mom has like 4 or 5 bales set up as
>lawn decorations for T-Day... Would they help?
>I didn't see a reply to Paul's question, what is a
>Sappers tunnel?? Should I bring my newbie fighter

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