NK - Saturday At The Park

I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at centum.utulsa.edu
Wed Nov 25 14:10:16 PST 1998

<"Ly. Laron the Dark" <laron at mmind.net>>
>Yup, it's the little known, little heard from Gnome Valeian. . . (who
>incidentally is in trouble. . . is ALWAYS in trouble again.).  I do
>regret that it's been so long and I haven't even got to run my mouth on
>this list yet.  We shall have to fix that.  I've been too sick to do
>anything. . . but I'm ALMOST better. .I think.  can't go outside still,
>but I'm getting there.  Sooooo. . . Ummm. . . Who's free December 3?
>*sneaky grin*  I have a boon to pick with ye, friends of ours. . .
>Oh, and Dairmuid, would ye be so kind as to remind me when the local
>heralds meet again?  I'm afraid that I got so sick after Margrave, with
>the fevers and all I've completely forgotten. . . Margrave.  *laughs*
>And everything after.

Why, Laran, it's on the 3rd, of course.

Now, go back to bed.  You need to get healthy.

Or else.


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