NK - Saturday At The Park

Miriam Rosen miriz at rocketmail.com
Thu Nov 26 13:57:49 PST 1998

Sounds great! I'll get the bales there... Merrik, I  
  *can't* fight! I'm 7mos pregnant! My husband,
Chrimmthonne will be there.

---Merrik Viltar Har <Marrock at email.msn.com> wrote:
> set up a maze....
> put a blindfold over your helmet...
> crawl around on your hands and knees..
> kill someone IF you can find them.
> Over simplified, but this is the idea. Have heard
they are tons of fun.
> Where do we get the hay bales from? I bet someone
picks them up....
> You and your newbie fighter husband should both
join us. We can start on our
> feet, and whether or not he sapps is up to him.
> Merrik
> Knight Marshal
> >I think my step-mom has like 4 or 5 bales set up as
> >lawn decorations for T-Day... Would they help?
> >I didn't see a reply to Paul's question, what is a
> >Sappers tunnel?? Should I bring my newbie fighter
> >husband?
> >Zahava

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