NK - Have You Seen the Shop in Muskogee?

KTMC Radio ktmc at icok.net
Mon Nov 30 00:27:28 PST 1998

Greetings to the ListReaders!
   I have been to Muskogee several times in the past few months, and
there is a shop in the mall neat the courthouses that has a fair amount
of weaponry. A metal-spiked flail, some historical swords (including a
HUGE 2-hander, axes, and even a halberd). SOME of the prices were pretty
fair, I thought. I didn't see it the yesterday, but I saw a helm that
was even tagged as a spangenhelm for $155, if I recall correctly. The
shop proprietor wasn't there at the time, and his help didn't know too
much about it. I am not sure what the helm was made of. It might be
small for me, but those of you who've met me, I don't exactly wear
standard armor :). The inside looked to have at least a coating of some
type of perhaps-welded brass/copper (not an expert armourer,) but the
outside was a dull silver.
   There are also at least a couple of flea market and antique type
businesses that had blades for sale in Muskogee as well.

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