NK - Gulf War

Paul Yoskowitz pyoskow at sitemaster.com
Mon Nov 30 08:26:54 PST 1998

oh, so now if you pick up a bow or throwing axe your not a fighter??????

i think not. i go to have a few bowmen and throwers in my light cav unit ANY

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Any fighters have any Projects
we need to get on before War
this doesn't mean archers nor Artilleriers<?>
Ya know fighters
Guys with sticks.................

It looks like I will be able to go.
So I will be bringing the Bigger better Northkeep Irregulars Barracks
I think the new footprint will be 27 deep by 15 wide
with room for  10 easy maybe even 12
So those of you who know who you are
Let me know if you need room

This is not open camping  I am not being rude but I will only sleep with
Certain people and this is for a whole week
 so I am picky deal without


 Send me a list of prospective GUESTS and how much space We will need for
If you can give me a footprint for each Then I can draw it up and send it to

Also lets work on camp light and food soon


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