NK - Gulf War

Ly. Laron the Dark laron at mmind.net
Mon Nov 30 23:21:02 PST 1998

Nathan W. Jones wrote:

> Ly. Laron the Dark wrote:
> >So who all's going for the stories?
> Well...personally I like wars for the cocktail parties.
> *grin*
> Gio.

  *snickers* So they call them that now?  Hmmm. . . When did they add
the "COCK-tail"? *raises a brow*. . . But, I can't say as to which is
better. . the stories about them, or the stories over them. . . the
"COCK-tail" parties I mean. . .

*le sigh* Hmmm. . Maybe someday I'll make it to Wars just to say I was
THERE. . . yes, that would be good.


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