NK - Today's Demo

pwells at oknd.uscourts.gov pwells at oknd.uscourts.gov
Wed Apr 21 13:33:57 PDT 1999

     I want to say thank you to everyone who came to the demo at 
     Nathanial's school today.
     We had attending:
     Elisabeth de Calais and her daughter
     Pam of Northkeep
     Dirghlin and Andrew
     Robert Fitzmorgan
     Myself and Nathanial (Robin of Northkeep)
     (It feels like I'm forgetting someone, but I forget who)
     Also, Isabella sent some books and a "gunner's stilleto" for display.
     We had a large selection of items for display, some of the "Northkeep 
     Ornamentals" were in attendance,  and Merrik and Robert did a glorious 
     demonstration of battle, chivalry and honor.
     Thank you everyone who came out and sent stuff. Nathanial was quite 
     pleased with his "birthday present" from the barony. 
     And as he says, See You Later, SCAers  (say it out loud real fast and 
     you'll understand.)

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