NK - Tulsa Med Faire???

Merrik Viltar Har Marrock at msn.com
Wed Apr 21 15:48:11 PDT 1999


Well okay, it is actually University of Tulsa Springfest. A Saturday of
"venting" as it is the start of 'dead' week (a week for study before
finals), It is college students being college students from 10 AM to 2 PM,
(three legged races etc.) and only the powers that be know what kind of
bands from 6 PM till 11 PM. Please think of it as Northkeep's and Tulsa
University's version of Namron Med Faire, after all the Barony nor the
University would mind if it grew to be as popular. Right now it is a bunch
of students, our demo, maybe something else, free food, $1 beverages, free
music and no class, (pun intended).

The Barony of Northkeep has a small group of students organized as he
"Medieval Society".  The M.S. is a college recognized group with funding, a
mailbox, and everything. Together the Barony and the MS will be hosting a
demo on the other side of or next to the stage, on the "U" at the campus of
the University of Tulsa.  The "U" is between 5th and 6th on Delaware.  There
is an exit from the Highway 244 for Delaware. As we don't know were the
campus activities people will put the music stages, we aren't sure were we
will be either, but we will be the ones wearing the "normal" clothes.

The Barony is providing most of the players and A&S stuff, and the Medieval
Society is providing MEAT, and we all know MEAT is a jealous God. 60 turkey
legs, a few hams, and several chickens. Oh and a little bread. The dinning
services people will be serving $1 be..(muffle , can I say muffle muffle),
will be serving $1 beverages, we will have water, tea and punch. Bring your
ID if you plan to drink alcoholic beverages. Dining Services says, no kegs
and nothing stronger than 3.2% alcoholic beverages may be brought onto
campus grounds, consumed on campus or shared with drinkers of legal age on

This is open to all... A & S, Rapier, Siege, Heavy, Dancers, Ornamentals,
Musicians etc., Merchants,

Please contact me for further information or what ever else:

Marrock at msn.com

(918) 836-2516 (no calls after 10 PM please)

Lord Merrik Viltar Har or Marrock Wild Hair

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