NK - News from Spring Fasching in Calontir

Jerry Mapes jrmapes at ckt.net
Mon Apr 26 22:33:46 PDT 1999

Greetings unto the Kingdom of Ansteorra and The Barony of NorthKeep.

     Last weekend I attended the Spring Fasching in the Barony of 
Forgotten Sea, Calontir. Among those in attendance were Andrew of 
NorthKeep and his mother. I would like to congratulate your Barony on 
the wonderful showing this child made. Andy not only won two contests 
held that day (both the Arts and Science competition and the bardic 
competition for children 10 years of age and older)but he gained honor 
and recognition from the Baron and Baroness of Forgotten Sea. When the 
call came out that the feastocrat was short-handed and in need of 
servers for the feast, Andy was first to offer to help. It did not go 
unnoticed that a child visiting from out of kingdom volunteered so
quickly and worked so hard. Many tankards were lifted high to toast
young Andrew and Ansteorra. I do not know what the awards system is in
Ansteorra or whether Arms level awards are given to children, however,
if they are and Andy has not already received his AOA, I would most
heartily suggest that he be nominated for his chivalry and service to
the Kingdom of Ansteorra as a right excellent Ambassador of Goodwill. 

And if Andy's mother is on this list and reading this (and if not, 
will someone please forward this to her)please be assured that your 
son is a stunning example of what a child living in the Current Middle 
Ages should be. It is a pleasure to attend events with a child as well 
brought up as Andy. 

In service to the Dream,

Mhairi MacKay
Chatelaine, Bois d'Arc, Calontir
celticstar98 at hotmail.com

Ld. Tristan de Rochebrune
Shire of Bois d'Arc
Kingdom of Calontir

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