NK - Youth Boffer fighting

pwells at oknd.uscourts.gov pwells at oknd.uscourts.gov
Fri Apr 30 08:45:08 PDT 1999

     Nathanial (my son) and I have reviewed the third draft of the 
     Ansteorran Youth Boffer and Youth Chivalric Rules and Guidelines 
     (found at www.southern.ansteorra.org/boffer.html) and am wondering if 
     there are any other children/youth interested in learning this in 
     I know that Nathanial is wanting to go find all the armor/equipment 
     listed tonight. And he has lots of questions and I don't know all the 
     Has anyone else (with children or without) looked into this and would 
     anyone be interested in having a meeting to discuss this?  If it's not 
     raining, I'm planning on being at Saturday fighter practice tomorrow, 
     and also would be willing to have a meeting at my house, sometime to 
     work on armor or weapons for the children.
     (And Thorgrim, better watch out. He said he had a dream last night, 
     that he was fighting you boffer, and he WON!)

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