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Rebecca M. Heydon rebecca-heydon at utulsa.edu
Wed Apr 7 07:39:12 PDT 1999


I, too, would like to thank Pam, Elisabeth and Dirgelion (sp?) and all the
others who worked so hard on an excellent feast.  I received many glowing
reports about people being too full to move, not wanting the feast to end,
etc., etc.  And Talana, the boar's head was magnificent.  

I'd also like to thank Anawynn, Thorvald and Jessamy for pulling together a
very good event.  Thank you to Etienne for heralding, Anna, Sofia and Cat
for waterbearing (and chiurgeoning *wink, wink*).  My heartfelt gratitude
to Constance, Olivia and Emma for helping in the hall, running errands,
being helpful, having fun.  An extra special 'thank you' to Alton and
Triston for doing the Nasty-Crat duties.   

Thanks to all of you who ran competitions.  Though the threat of bad
weather kept some people away, those who attended had a great time.

For everyone else who helped and were not specifically named, your work did
not go unnoticed.  From my point of view, no one person had to do a lot
since so many did a little here and there.  My thanks for being cooperative
and helpful.  I could really not ask for more. :-)

May Castellan be as successful!

In service,


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