NK - Matias and Elspeth

Kevinkeary at aol.com Kevinkeary at aol.com
Sun Feb 7 23:04:00 PST 1999

Y'know, this reminds me of one of the stories I heard shortly after starting
to hang with Hordesmen.  The story was told by a HordesWOMAN who was standing
guard at the gate to Hordecamp at Pennsic, and was to color our relationship
and mutual respect with the Tuchux for years afterward.
"Late in my shift a loud and drunk group of Tuchux tried to force their way
through the gate.  I stopped them and demanded their business.
"Their leader said "We're here to deal with one of your knights.  He insulted
one of our wenches!"  Loud agrement came from the others.
"I was surprised.  I said 'You must be mistaken.'
"'No, one of your knights insulted one of our wenches, and we're coming in to
talk to him about it!'
"'No, you don't understand...'
"'Look!  How would YOU like it if one of OUR knights insulted one of YOUR
"I gripped my staff and said, very deliberately, "YOU look!  I TOLD you you
don't understand. THIS is the DARK HORDE!  We don't HAVE any knights, and we
CERTAINLY don't have any WENCHES!'"


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