NK - Fwd: Valentine's Ball in Eldern Hills

Patti McCullough paddy at webzone.net
Thu Feb 11 10:39:26 PST 1999

Greetings to all.  

I am planning to go, and I believe Clare Margaret di Cuneo and Rhiannon 
Redwolf are going, as well, and perhaps a few other stalwart musicians, 
so there should be live music of some variety.  Guillaume de Troyes is 
going, too, so as far as I know, he will be dance master; I believe he's 
planning to bring the infamous Dance Board.


>It seems that the Valentine's scribe had a wee problem with finances. As a
>result, the fliers that you are supposed to recieve probably won't get to you
>until after the ball! So alas, I must use the virtual scribe to relay this
>The Barony of Eldern Hills will be hosting a Valentine's Ball on Saturday
>February 13th. It will be from 7:00pm until 10:00pm. The site is dry to 
>alcohol. There is a mundane bar on site for those of age to take advantage of
>their services. There will be a period games tournament for those who wish to
>participate but do not wish to dance. There will be food there, nothing 
>that can
>be mistaken for a meal, but bring your feast gear anyway! If you have 
>those would also be appreciated. The directions are:
>Take I44 to Lawton. Take the Gore Boulevard west exit. Go west on Gore 
>until you reach 11th street. It will be the second major intersection. 
>Turn left
>on 11th street and go down 6 blocks to F ave. The site is the American Legion
>Building at the corner of 11th and F. It will be on your right.
>The color theme for the ball of course is red and white. It's also late 
>If you have the garb, great!  If not, that's o.k.  I don't either. At 
>least not
>in those colors.
>Please relay this message to your populaces if you have not already had your
>populace meetings. I will understand if you are not able to relay
>this message.I can be reached before 10:00p.m. at 580 357-0723,
>or e-mail me at montomorency at hotmail.com.
>                          Yours In Service,
>                 Lady Celeste Courtenay de Montmorency

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