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                                 Release Date: Fall 1999
                                   D: John McTiernan
                            Cast: Antonio Banderas; Dennis Storhøi
                    Plot: An Arabian messenger travels with a group of
 Vikings and
                          helps them fight an unseen terror that eats flesh.


This film was originally scheduled for release Nov 97.  You might remember the
trailers of it that were shown in Tulsa during the "American Werewolf in
Paris" release.  Except at that time it was titled "Eaters of the Dead."
That's right, its the M. Crighton [sp?] book turn into a screen play/film.  My
guess it was recalled because of (a) New or modified scenes, or (b)
Contractual negotiations w/ artistes and author.  But what the hell, I'll
still go see it.

Its loosely based on a chronicle possibly written (c. 922AD) by one Ibn
Fadlan, an envoy from the Caliph of Baghdad.  There are some choice excerpts
of this in "Eyewitness to History" regarding a Viking funeral.  I highly
recomend it <sarcasm alert> for anyone who is interested in the peaceful,
natural and life loving qualities of a pagan people, like the Vikings.
<sarcasm filter off>   Hint.  If your a Viking woman, don't go to your
husband's funeral.  Don't go if you like horses or dogs either. <grin>

(who once turned the thermostat in a hotel room to -30F so he could "really
enjoy" Alexander Nevsky the way it was meant to be seen)

Eyewitness To History
ed.  John Carey  1987
ISBN 0-380-70895-7

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