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>Greetings Lady Rowan and thanks very much for your inquiry.
>This is the year for Ansteorra to provide 10 people to help set up the 
>site.  And they may not show up on site until Monday.  I already have 
>confirmed plenty of people for that job (plus I have a waiting list in 
>case some cancel).  If any of your members are planning to show up early 
>and are not on my list, they will probably be sitting their cars until 
>No one will be allowed on site before Tuesday morning!!!!!!!!!!
>We are very supportive of Meridies decision to provide strict security 
>and keep people off the site until Tuesday morning.  It is very 
>difficult to allocate land, set up roads and other camp infrastructures, 
>Kingdom pavilions, etc. while people are already setting up their tents.
>Please pass this information on to your people and any others who may be 
>interested.  If some of your individuals think they are on my set-up 
>crew, they may confirm with me either through e-mail or phone at the 
>numbers listed below.
>Thanks again,
>Baron Lucais du Belier, O.L.
>mka Larry E. Bishop
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