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This is a movie based on the book "Eaters of the Dead."  The book is written
by Michael Crighton and is based on the journal of Ibn Fadlan, I think I
spelled that right, who was an Arabian messenger who was more or less
shanghaied into going with these "barbarians."  The book is excellent and
contains an accurate description of a viking longship burial.  It also gives
a lot of insights into the mindset of the Norse at that time.  If I recall
correctly scholars generally believe that if Fadlan's description is correct
this was these Norse adventurers had contact with and wiped out an enclave
of Neanderthals that had somehow managed to survive in the mountains of
Norway.  There you go, more information than you probably wanted.  Oh well,
I don't get to show off that I have a brain and have done research very

In Service,

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> it takes a long time to download
> so I havent seen the trailer but I've herd it is good
> Angus
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> This site says:
>                                   THE 13TH WARRIOR
>                                 Release Date: Fall 1999
>                                   D: John McTiernan
>                            Cast: Antonio Banderas; Dennis Storhøi
>                    Plot: An Arabian messenger travels with a group of
> Vikings and
>                          helps them fight an unseen terror that eats
> flesh.
> It also has a trailer
> http://www.movielist.simplenet.com/num/13thwarrior.html
> This one has even more information:
> http://pnmp.simplenet.com/13thWarrior/index.htm
> Rhianwen

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