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Jerry Herring herring at viagrafix.net
Thu Feb 11 17:49:12 PST 1999

Hi, yes I recognize it...This is Falen, Marshand's friend.  She's been coming around for the last couple of months.  I have her other email address for work I will email this message to her to let her know.  
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Someone with the email address falenmacf at aol.com has attempted joined the NK
list, however, the even the first post that is automatically sent back to
the subscriber and every post to the list since then has bounced with a
"mailbox not found".

I would like to remedy this, does anyone recognize this address?

I thought I would ask on the Northkeep list first, if no one responds in a
couple of days, go to the Northern Region list, if no one responds in a
couple of days, the Ansteorran list.


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