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Sorry gang, just read this from Alton.  Balvin

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>                                  Release Date: Fall 1999
>                                    D: John McTiernan
>                             Cast: Antonio Banderas; Dennis Storhøi
>                     Plot: An Arabian messenger travels with a group of
>  Vikings and
>                           helps them fight an unseen terror that eats
> flesh.
> >>
> Angus,
> This film was originally scheduled for release Nov 97.  You might remember
> the
> trailers of it that were shown in Tulsa during the "American Werewolf in
> Paris" release.  Except at that time it was titled "Eaters of the Dead."
> That's right, its the M. Crighton [sp?] book turn into a screen play/film.
> My
> guess it was recalled because of (a) New or modified scenes, or (b)
> Contractual negotiations w/ artistes and author.  But what the hell, I'll
> still go see it.
> Its loosely based on a chronicle possibly written (c. 922AD) by one Ibn
> Fadlan, an envoy from the Caliph of Baghdad.  There are some choice
> excerpts
> of this in "Eyewitness to History" regarding a Viking funeral.  I highly
> recomend it <sarcasm alert> for anyone who is interested in the peaceful,
> natural and life loving qualities of a pagan people, like the Vikings.
> <sarcasm filter off>   Hint.  If your a Viking woman, don't go to your
> husband's funeral.  Don't go if you like horses or dogs either. <grin>
> Alton  
> (who once turned the thermostat in a hotel room to -30F so he could
> "really
> enjoy" Alexander Nevsky the way it was meant to be seen)
> Eyewitness To History
> ed.  John Carey  1987
> ISBN 0-380-70895-7

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